9 Must-Have Attributes For Successful Entrepreneurs

Do you ever wonder what it is that makes one entrepreneur very successful and another not?

Is it luck, timing, money, connections, honesty, intelligence, attitude, dishonesty or that it is just mean to be for some and not for others?

In this blog post, I have put together a list 9 must-have attributes that are universal for all who wish to be successful entrepreneurs.

Creative Thought

It is the creative though of the entrepreneur that inspires them to go forth and make a difference.

For each of us as entrepreneurs, creativity of thought is never an issue. In fact, too much creativity may be our biggest downfall.

Too many times we get caught up in the excitement of the creative idea that we lose focus on the most important task at hand.

Creativity is the lifeblood of the entrepreneur. Almost all we have today is because an entrepreneur came up with an idea for an improvement on what currently existed.


Despite all the odds we know are against us we go forward with our desire for entrepreneurship. Courage is the knowing the risks that you must face, yet going forward with your desire for your new entrepreneurial venture. 

Think of the world with no personal computers. Imagine for a second that they do not exist yet. Let’s say you have heard of them, but they were really for the big secretive companies, government and maybe very, very rich people.

Now imagine a guy coming up to you and saying that he was going to invent a computer that would be called the Personal Computer and that in a short time every household would have at least one.

How crazy would you think this person is?

Obviously, that’s not exactly how it happened, but it’s close enough for our discussion here.

Because of that crazy idea with all the odds against him Bill Gates had the courage to go forward and today is the second the richest man in the world, with a net worth of $96.6 billion. 


In the midst of start-up or business growth the entrepreneur does not think of who this is for, why it is worth it or the consequences of failure. They push forward with the fortitude of success.

Bravery is the act of the fight and not caring how big the odds are against you. But bravery exists because of the desire to win and you put it all on the line.  Successful entrepreneurs have both courage and bravery.

They have the knowing of what is against them and as they enter the ring of battle they put all to the side and focus on success. Their bravery comes from a deeper place, not that just of money but of success for a personal and deep emotional reason.

If they do not have a deep emotional connection to the reason for their success their bravery is empty and not succeed.

Must-Have Attributes For Successful Entrepreneurs


The entrepreneur has a deep sense of self-belief which they can draw on to achieve their dream. No matter what anyone else says to them. confidence is not blissful ignorance.

Confidence means that after acquiring the research, data and fact needed, knowing that YOU can make it work. A high level of confidence is extremely important because there will be many things that will happen during your pursuit of success that will challenge your belief and of those around you.


To balance their confidence the successful entrepreneur needs to know that they don’t have all the answers.

Although confident, they are humble enough to understand that they must always be open to the feedback of the world around them and be willing to absorb, analyse and decide which feedback will help them to achieve their dream.


It is at that moment that you feel you are there that you are then the furthest you have ever been from being there. The entrepreneur must be the perpetual and hungry student.

The longer we are in business, the more experience we gain, the more knowledge we accumulate, the more we realise how little we know. Learning is the key to succeeding.


Very, very few businesses becomes successful by chance. Successful entrepreneurship takes thoughts, planning, execution, analysis, evaluation, adjustments and implementation. In a word, strategy. 

The strategist is all about working smart not hard. The strategist understands the muscle between your two ears is much more powerful than all the other muscles in your body, combined!


This is the myopic thought process of success. If you know what you want and you stay focused on achieving that then all you do will continue to get you closer to achievement.

As mentioned earlier, creativity is usually the one attribute of the entrepreneur that can make them never reach success. 

Non-focused creativity can cause us to put time and energy into things that are not of the most immediate importance. Staying focused is the key to clear and productive creative thinking. 

Determined Perseverance

The successful entrepreneur is determined to succeed no matter what gets in their way.

You will have tough times.

You will want to quit.

You will be frustrated, exhausted, tired, depressed and stressed out.

It is okay. Just persevere. Your determination will drive your perseverance.


These nine must-have attributes of the successful entrepreneur do not stand-alone. You can have some without the others.

Entrepreneurs are made up of many different types of people. Educated and non-educated, experienced and brand new, men and women, as well as, all races, religions and those of different socio-economic status.

Anyone can be successful entrepreneur if they continually develop their attributes.

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