Ten things to remember while visiting Laayoune desert?

Indulging Activities in Desert

Like any other desert in the world, Laayoune is one of the beautiful deserts. People gather in the desert to enjoy different activities taking full advantage of the desert. Activities like camel riding horse riding and racing of different sports are done in the desert. The Laayoune city is not far away it is about only nineteen kilometers away from the desert. People enjoy the atmosphere by having daily activities in the desert and night Barbecue parties in the desert.


This beautiful beach is not far away from Laayoune. This beach adds its own atmosphere to the environment. People gathers around the Atlantic ocean for bath and breeze. The ocean is really famous for the cool, windy environment. Since it near to a different desert people has invested in property near to the beach which could be rented to enjoy the beach over the night. The property can be rented for two or three days.

Day in Dchira

One of the best coffee in the world can be found here. People appreciate the food at this square as it contains all the famous coffee and pizza brands in the area. Every kind of food can be found here. From street to food to a good high-class hotel food. Most street food is grilled or the BBQ one. Since the street food is made by the locals, it lights the area with the special local aroma. Locals are very energetic, and they often interact with the new people are visiting Dchira.

Adventure in Suburbs

This trip will only get interesting if Suburbs are included in the travel destination. There are vast history and culture in this area. A long walk can give the person an idea about how in a beautiful way does local around here live. The local residence is an art. They are a mix of ancient Sub-Saharan culture that has been present in this part for thousand of the years. The road between El-Mchawar to Ave Hassan 2 says it all. The local are friendly, and they would proudly offer a tour to their residence.

Souk ez Zaj

One of the best part when visiting Laayoune. This is also accounted as the old past of the city. This part is mostly connected to the history of the city. Pure image of the lifestyle of the people living here is reflected. The architecture is one of the beautiful in the world. This architecture of the city is of Spanish style.

Saguia el-Hamra

Saguia el-Hamra is in the north area also called as a seasoned river. The area has its own ambiance.  The wild nature of the lake and reflection of palm trees on the water cannot be described in words.

The Old Spanish Cathedral

This cathedral was built in nineteen fifty-four. The cathedral has the same old colors of the Laayoune city. The trip to Cathedral can be a treat for those who are visiting.

Souvenir of Ensemble Artisanal

Local craftsman produces one of the beautiful souvenirs of the world. These are a limited piece, but local also craft a different kind of jewelry over here.


One should always visit El-Mchawar since it is not far away from the city and near to grand mosque. This place gives meaning to different locals. They gather here and talk about their daily routine with their friends.

Grand Mosque

One of the most Beautiful mosques of the world. Thousand of Muslims offer their prayers in the mosque.