Six amazing types of renewable energy

Renewable energy is energy produced by natural sources such as rain, tides, sunlight, the wind and geothermal heat. These sources can be replenished and renewed immediately and continuously. Technologies for Renewable sources include solar power, hydroelectricity, biomass, wind power and biofuels of transportation.

Types of renewable energy sources

There are different forms of renewable energy. Here we discuss some of the amazing types of renewable energy. These are as follows:


It is one the most widely used source to generate electricity to use at homes. The heat of the sun is a major contributor to the generation of electricity. This form of energy relies on fusion power of sun deeply to generate electricity. Technologies used to generate electricity by sunlight are solar panels and solar cells. These are used to convert heat into power.


The temperature of environment determines how to produce energy. When sunlight flashes on earth, it causes to warm earth surface and increases the temperature of the earth surface. This energy can be sued to pump water from deep down the earth. But this form of energy requires an extensive area for the purpose of energy generation.

Hydroelectric energy

Moving water is a major source of energy production. Water reservoirs and dams are built to store water which is then utilized to generate electricity. Water in dams come from oceans which lift heat by sunlight. Countries try to build more dams for electricity generation to meet needs of the public. Fewer reservoirs lead to the reduction in electricity generation for consumption of energy.


It is one of the types of renewable energy which is produced by trees and plants. This form of energy is commonly used across the world. Energy is produced by burning plants and trees to generate energy for the purpose of cooking and heating. This form of energy production causes major contributor to environmental pollution. It enhances production of carbon dioxide to pollute the environment. More carbon dioxide pollutants cause more diseases in human such as breath diseases and cancer due to pollution.

Geothermal power

Heat augments it from radioactive decay. It involves the production of energy by the accretion of the planet. The geothermal gradient in certain areas is high enough to generate electricity. This form of geothermal heat is limited to certain areas. Another form of geothermal energy is heat generated in the earth. Soil tends to maintain the temperature of earth which helps buildings to remain warm in winter and cool in summer.

Hydrogen and fuel cells

These are very abundant renewable sources but are not strictly renewables. Hydrogen is used as a combustion product with water in vehicles. It less pollutes the environment because it is a clean product. Also, hydrogen is used in fuel cells to power electric motors.

So, these are types of renewable energy which are good for environment and people. These sources less pollute environment due to less toxic pollutants. Also, these prevent diseases which are typically caused by non-renewable sources such as cancer and breath diseases. These sources produce low-cost electricity for domestic and business use.