Why we need to create compulsory education for all

Education is the basic right for everyone. It makes the man perfect, a better citizen. Education gives you a meaningful purpose, a chance to succeed in the life.

Students are getting basic knowledge, of how to live in the society is the meaning of compulsory education, so that they can live in this world. It means that countries set a minimum and maximum age in that the student must have to attend the school. The compulsory education means the students are being taught the laws and rules of the society in which they are living. For the success of a country, compulsory education for all is necessary.

It follows the holistic approach, the main purpose of a holistic approach to education fully prepares the adult for future life by focusing on all aspects, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The Compulsory Education main aim is that child seeks out its own uniqueness. They want to make the student who can deal with life.


We need to create education for all because it prepares the child to live freely in the society, respect and promote the culture, values, and language. An educated person is always better and successful in the very field. They know about everything, that makes them deal with the things easily. These educated people also contribute to the economic growth of the country. A successful man is only the one who is well educated and aware of everything.


Education makes the man responsible. An educated man has a good daily routine, do work at the time and fulfill all responsibilities. They are involved in good activities and want to contribute to the families. Outside the home, they engage in helping other people. They are aware of all rules, regulations, and laws. They always try to prove themselves as good citizens. This is the reason we should create compulsory education for all.

Discourages the child labor:

The main reason needs to create compulsory education for all is that it discourages the child labor. The child labor is the ruthless employment, in which child works under the legal age limit. Age limit differs in different countries. Child labors occur there, where there is less access to education. Due to lack of education, there are no laws for the child labor and also for the employees. These children are underpaid.

If laws are created and implemented to provide education for all, children will come to know about their rights, they will have awareness about what is right and what is wrong. Countries with high Literacy rate have low rates of child labor than the countries with low literacy rates.

Education is very important for the individual to live in the society. Educated man is always in power and deals with any situation without hesitating to face it. Every country which is developed or developing has imposed the law of compulsory education. They want an educated nation, that can benefit to their economic growth and can also compete with this globalized world.