Alaina Marie Mathers Biography

Eminem, the famous rapper adopted Alaina Marie Mathers. Eminem knew her before adoption as she was the daughter of Eminem’s sister Dawn Scott. Dawn Scott had a twin sister named Kim Scott and she was Eminem’s ex. Eminem has a daughter from Kim Scott whom she brought up alone due to the separation with Kim Scott  Aliana’s mother used to take drugs that destroyed her health. She was habitual of taking drugs since Aliana was a few years old. Eminem tried a lot that Dawn quit taking drugs and same was tried by Dawn herself but all in vain and she could not quit taking drugs.

So Eminem decided himself to take care of Aliana so that she could be able to have a bright future. Aliana Mathers is among those three girls whom Eminem adopted. Later on, Dawn Scott died because of excessive intake of drugs. Aliana was always a shy and introvert since she was a child. She used to spend most of the time at her home with her sisters, Hailie and Whitney. That is why she never had a social media account. Hailie is Eminem’s real daughter and Whitney is the adopted one.


Aliana was born on May 3rd, 1993 and she was given the name Amanda Marie Scott at her birth. Eminem had good relation and understanding with Dawn Scott as he was interested in Kim Scott, her twin sister. Hailie is the daughter of Kim and Eminem. When Eminem realized that Aliana has not a safe future with Dawn and she could not take proper care of her, he adopted Aliana to give her a better life.


He tried the best to keep Aliana away from Scott because she could have a bad impact on her. But he could not change the reality of natural bond of Dawn and Aliana. Well, after the death of Dawn Scott due to intake of excessive drug dosage he tried his best to take care of Aliana.

Aliana was brought up with Hailie, real daughter of Eminem from Kim Scott and Whitney who was Kim’s daughter but not Eminem’s. Aliana, Whitney and Hailey had a good relationship with each other and Eminem also always kept an eye on them and on their activities that they always felt like real sisters. Kim Scott and Eminem were separated in the year 2001. Eminem took care of his three daughters.


Eminem is quite social and almost everyone knows him and about his personal life and relationships but Aliana is different from him in this case. She in an introvert and she always prefer to hide her personal life from public. This is why she never had a social media account to hide her personal life from public including her emotional attachments, relationships and her educational activities.

Hence there is a report stating that Aliana is having her education from University of Oakland. This information of educational background and her interest in studies and her introvert nature shows that she has no interest in showbiz.